New single: The Analog Kid!

It's been a minute! Here's a story:

Back in 2019, engineer Don Gunn had Patrick Porter and I over to his studio to do a just-for-fun rock playdate.

What's cool about getting older as a musician is that at some point almost everyone you play with is just objectively GOOD. I think we were all in our 40s when we first met.

We also had something in common: we'd all been teenage music nerds in 1982.

You know what that means...

We'll get to the actual song in a moment, but just so you know, we had rules:

Play it FASTER. Play it LOUDER. Don't even try to sound like those guys.

(We also had a "no keyboards" rule, but then Don had to go and slip in some Taurus tones in there during mixing, don't think I DIDN'T NOTICE, DON.)

Anyway, we recorded it! Don on drums, Pat on guitar, myself on bass, with Pat and I taking turns singing verses and choruses.

Don mixed it and sent us the finished track! It sounded great! We shared it with a few friends!

And then we sat on it for FOUR YEARS.

Three years later it's 2022, and I'm getting ready to release the Car Trouble record and I find this track on my laptop. I have a thought:

Maybe...release the track as a Car Trouble single?

Would Pat and Don be cool being honorary members of Car Trouble?

Turns out: HELL YEAH let's release this!

SO. Several months's HERE.

Please enjoy our recording of "The Analog Kid" by RUSH!

Posted February 19, 2023